Keep Our Hospital in Norwich




22.8 million per year for sixty years
1987 Consultants trip to London
1987 Development Notices
1988 planning application
1988 Public Inquiry
1992 consultation document
1996 planning application
1996 First revision of planning application
90% wish it to remain in city centre
99.92 per cent have been ignored
1,368,000,000 pounds


A47 U-turn
A47 Why no access from it?
Aalders-Dunthorne, Andrew
Access More 1998 Chaos
Access - South Norfolk Planning Committee's views
Access from the A47 More
Accessibility by other means than car unsatisfactory
Accessibility score
Accessible to those who live outside the city
Addington, Lord - his speech to House of Lords
Agate, A - Intriguing rise in costs
Ambulance - how much does one cost?
Amputation metaphor
Analysis of the situation - a well balanced account
Annual General Meeting of Trust
Anshen Dyer
Anxieties - some as building starts
Architects Who's who
Arguments against Colney
Arguments for Colney
Arm twisted - John Gummer
Arthur South Day Procedure Unit
Ashdown, Paddy
Assiduous support by the EDP for Colney
Authorities deaf
Awful decision
Awkward b*****


Bankers Who's who
Banks not confident
Barber, BA - undemocratic process
Barclays de Zoete Wedd
Barnet hospital PFI
Bartlett, Dr Jeremy - saddened
Barton, John
Bawburgh fete
Bed numbers
Bed numbers, reduction in
Bed Numbers - further anxiety Xmas 1998
Beds 700
Beds 700-800
Beds 701
Beds 808
Beds 920
Beds 1,000
Beds 1,000
Beds 1,600
Beds 1,650
Beds, fewer
Beds, none
Beeston, Kevin
Benn, Tony - his 5 democratic questions
Bignold School - resiting
Bingham, Emma - missed opportunity
Birmingham Health Authority
Birmingham hospitals
Bishop Auckland hospital PFI
Bitter - people are very
Blair, Tony
BMJ Editorial 6/12/97
Boateng, Paul
Bobbitt, Rachel
Borrow, George turning in his grave
Boyd, Rachel - A well balanced analysis
Breakfast with Frost
Broad membership of KOHIN
Bromley hospital PFI
Buck passing
Bulldozed through - hospital
Bunk beds?
Burgess, Councillor Eamonn
Buses -200 a day across Yare Valley
Buses - Connections - waiting round for
Buses - Cost of travel to new hospital
Buses - Fares
Buses - Subsidy
Buses - two each way


Capital cost inflation - risk of
Capitulation after 5 minutes with Alan Milburn
Carlisle hospital PFI
Carlisle hospital - more like a doss house
Carlo, Denise - outrage
Car park charges at new hospital More
Car Park - extra tier at the N&N
Car park, for the lack of the N&N was lost
Car parks - Biggest in Norfolk
Car parks - KOHIN's views
Carpenter Planning Consultants
Cars, no access to
Castle mall, exhibition in
Cat let out of the bag
Charles Clarke has failed
Charles Clarke - mischievous allegations
Charles Clarke MP - meeting in Westminster
Charles Clarke MP - should be in city centre
Chaney, Alan
Charman, John - speaks out
Chelmsford Hospital, similar problems
Cheshire, BG
City Council ignored by Labour Government
City development a serious option
Clarke, Charles MP - His maiden speech 15/5/97
Clarke, Charles MP - Mr Falcon's dismissal
Clarke, Charles MP - in favour of city centre
Clarke, Charles MP - named
Clayton Dr G, the CHC
Clayton, Dr G - some disappointments & anxieties
Clement-Davies, Christopher
Closed doors - decisions taken behind
Collison, David - people are being conned
Colney in the old days
Colney or nothing
Come clean over bed numbers
Comments at Castle Mall Exhibition
Comments in EEN 24/8/98
Commercial confidence
Commercially sensitive
Community Health Council - advice contrary to the evidence
Community Health Council has conducted no enquiry
Community Health Council defends itself
Community Health Council endorsed Colney
Community Health Council - inquiry requested
Compensation arguments invalid
Compensation not the over riding factor
Compensation payments unconvincing
Conned - people are being More
Connley, Joe
Conservative initiative - the PFI
Consortium, the
Consortium Who's who
Consultant staff visit the Minister 1987
Consultants redundant?
Consultants want hospital near university
Consultation - poorly conducted
Contractors Who's who
Con trick, monstrous
Cooper, Peter - disillusioned
Cormack, John
Costs Colney/city comparable
Costs of roads access increasing
Couch potatoes
Council for the Protection of Rural England
County resident speaks out
A covert, untested and destabilising way of restructuring the NHS
CPRE - named
Crawley, Bob
Cut and dried - from the outset


Daly, Peter
Dartford hospital PFI
Davies, Glynn
Decision making process
Deaf ear - turned by Labour Government
Dean, Gordon
Decision may be regretted
Dejardin, John
Delays to starting
Democratic decision never been possible
Developers prefer green field sites
Dewar, Donald
Dinosaur - the N&N is a
Disappointments - some as building starts
Don't move it
Drew, Richard
Drew, Richard - flowers
Ducting, unconnected
Dukes, Lynn D
Dunnigan, MG
Duped by the politicians
Durham hospital PFI
Durrant, Paul


Earlham in the old days
Easier to build on a green field
Eastern Daily Press
Easten DailyPress - What does it think Parliament is for?
Eastern Evening News
Easy to spend other people's money
Eburah, JR
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary PFI
Elderly - hardest hit
Elvey, Dr Brian
Email address kohin@takeheart.co.uk
Exhibition in the Castle Mall
Extra time and extra cost


Faceless wonders - victory for
Fait accompli
Falcon, Michael
Falcon, Michael - not reappointed
Falcon, Michael - named
Families pop in
Farrow, Mrs June
Farrow, Mrs June, horrified at the cost
Farrow, Mrs June - Who briefed you Mr Blair?
Fellowes, William - Founder of N&N
Flagship hospital? - far away from it
Flawed process
Floral protest makes its point
Floral tributes 16/1/98
Fly tipping on Mousehold Heath
Foundation of the N&N
Franzen, Peter
Freeman, DJ
Frost, Giles
Full business case
Fundholding GPs
Funding time scale


Gaffney, D More
Garrett, John exMP- named
Gatfield, Freddie
General Healthcare
Gibson, Ian MP - in favour of city centre
Gibson, Ian MP - named
Gibson, Ian MP - visits the Colney site
Gibson, Ian MP - Wagers his salary
Gooch, Benjamin - first surgeon at N&N
Gooch, Benjamin - his grave
Governemt's attitude irresponsible
Gray, George
Gray, Dr Murray
Green, N Alan
Green Party
Guardian, the
Gummer, John MP - named
Gummer, John MP-
Gummer, John MP - hypocrisy of
Gummer John MP - refuses to interfere
Guy's Hospital and VAT


Halcrow Fox
Halifax hospital PFI
Hart, Jean - Floral protest made its point
Haslam, Michael - Named
Haslam, Michael - quoted
Haslam mistrusted
Haslam, who briefed him?
Hellesdon recommended by Norwich HA
Hellesdon supported by public and City Council
Hereford hospital PFI
Heritage, our
High Wycombe hospital PFI
Hipperson, Zena
Holden, Anthony
Holden, Felicity - Long and costly trips
Holding hands round our hospital
Holding hands round the hospital
Hospital challenge to be applauded
Hospital Who's who
Hospitals in town centres - Government policy


I don't believe it! - Richard Wilson writes
Increased costs
Inflation applied to annual payments to the Consortium
Innes, Michael
Innes, Michael - Still time to drop Colney
Innes, Michael - who is he?
Innes plan, the
Innes, Michael - remarks
Inquiry vital


James Paget Hospital - easy to get to
Jay, Baroness
Jay, Baroness and the Community Health Council
Job losses
Johnson, Bruce


Kar, Ann - minority view? No
Keep on writing and phoning
Kirby, Martin
KOHIN begins
KT Security


Labour Government breaks its promise
Labour fails to deliver the goods
Labour Government claims success
Laing Eastern
Landscape Design Associates
Landscaping Who's who
Langlands, Mark
Legal advisors Who's who
Let down - by "representatives"
Letters of objection ignored by SNDC
Liberal Democrats of South Norfolk - named
Local people will suffer
Long and costly trips


MacGregor, John MP
MacGregor, John MP - quoted
McIvor, Eileen
Major, John
Manchester hospital PFI
Martin, Graham, Chairman of Colney Parish Meeting
Massaging of facts
Middlesburgh hospital PFI
Middleton, Sir Peter
Milburn, Alan MP - hypocrisy of
Milburn, Alan MP - named
Milburn, Alan MP - What he said in Parliament
Minority view?
Money wasted on security
Monstrous con trick
Moore, SJ
Mother & Child statue
Mousehold Heath


New Labour really Conservative under a new name
No case for Colney
No public consultation
No public debate
Noble-Nesbitt, John
Norfolk & Norwich Health Care Trust
Norfolk & Norwich PFI
Norfolk resident has his say
No way!
Norwich Area Local Plan
Norwich City Council reluctant acceptance of Colney 1992
Norwich City Council seeks judicial review
Norwich City Council - what it must ensure
Norwich HA review size and nature of hospital
Norwich residents uncaring
Norwich Society - public meeting
Norwich Transport 2000


Observer editorial 3rd August 1997
Observer article about PFI Hospitals 13/12/98
Octagon Health Care Ltd
Oldfield, Graham
Old soldier from Norfolks writes
Opinion of people of Norfolk not canvassed
Opportunity missed
Opposition to Colney strong in the county
Ordinary people not in favour of Colney
Others Who's who
Out of date document supplied to KOHIN 8/12/97
Outline business case


Parking - the solution
Part of our city
Party unity on the countryside
Patient care to suffer as hospitals try to pay PFI bills
Payne, Mike
Peacock, John
Penniless - I walked to hospital
PFIs bad for the NHS
PFI, mounting criticism
PFI hospital projects
PFI Hospitals more cost effective?
PFI - ingredients for corruption
PFI and the NHS More Edinburgh
Phasing and construction
Picnic 3rd August 1997
Planning application 1988
Planning application 1996
Planning application - revised 1996
Planning Committee of SNDC did not turn up to meeting
Planning permission granted 1996
Planning permission lapses
Planning - the background
Planning Who's who
Plans 1988
Plans decided in private
Plunkett, Dr Trevor
Policy, transportation
Pollock, AM More
Pooley, Robin More
Povall Worthington and the Evening News 1997
Povall Worthington report
PPG 13
Present site too small
Press Who's who
Price, David
Prime Minister announces agreement
Prime Minister not briefed by local MPs
Prime Minister says "We intend to listen to the people"
Prime numbers
Private Finance Initiative - see PFI
Profits, the hospital must make
Project company Who's who
Proper public inquiry - lets have one
Public consultation
Public Consultation 1992
Public inquiry 1988
Public inquiry denied
Public meetings - lack of by CHC
Public opinion disregard
Public subscription
Public meetings
Blackfriars Hall 25/4/97
City Council & the Trust
Council Chamber - Michael Innes May 1996
Cringleford Church Hall
East Norfolk Health
John Innes Institute
Hospital 2000
Norwich Society
Quaker Meeting House
Public, it doesn't stand a chance
Public transport - effective needed
Publicly conducted assessment called for
Publish detailed figures


Question to East Norfolk Health Authority 23/9/97
Questions - 5 democratic ones


Redevelopment of St Stephens site
Redevelopment on present site completely practical and realistic - Povall Worthington
Reed, Graham
Referendum - result would have been different
Regional Health Authority recommends Colney 1987
Rent for the new hospital
Residential development
Response to letter from NHS 12/8/97
Revised plans passed 1996
Rise in cost - before starting!
Road access Who's who
Roberts, Philip
Roper, Tony
Royal Free Hospital
Rumours of high cost parking must be quashed
Rush ahead - no need to


Scandalous - Charles Clarke of the consultation process
Schwarz, Kenneth
Second DGH - original plans
Secretary of State calls second notice of planning 1988
Secretary of State accepts Colney2 1988
Security guards low pay
Security. KT Security
Sense - it doesn't make
Shaw, Martin, Director of Planning and Transportation Norfolk County Council.
Shepherd, Gillian MP
Shortfall in annual cases treated of 6,000
Shottesham hospital
Show of "democracy"
Single entrance to the hospital
Smith, Chris MP - Shadow Health Minister
Smith, Chris MP - Shadow Health Minister - what he said before the election
SNDC receive notice of development for a second DGH 1987
SNDC receive second notice of development for second DGH
SNDC supports Norwich2 in principle 1988
"Something must have gone seriously wrong"
South Norfolk District Council, Mail to
Stamp, Malcolm
Stamp, Malcolm - named
Sticky wicket
Sutton, Celia
Start shouting
Swindon hospital PFI


Takeheart Health Check
Taxi fares
Temple, Maria - CEO of the CHC
Thank you to KOHIN
Thank you - again
Think again
Thompson, Patrick exMP - did nothing
Tidd, MJ
Tokyo - Prime Minister announces agreement
Told you so! Another
Tomlinson, Michael - at Bawburgh fete
Tomlinson, Michael - named
Town Crier
Traffic chaos predicted by international firm of consultants
Traffic movements
Traffic problems not our problem - the Trust
Transport policies of health authorities
Travelling distance - keep it at a minimum
Travel time for staff
Trees chopped down along Watton Road
Trees - the true cost of the hospital
Trojan horse
Tut! Tut!


UEA - Staff meeting
Unanimous condemnation by Norwich City Council
Undemocratic process - most I have ever seen
Unemployed - hardest hit
Unfinished business
Upgrade the good old N&N
Urban revival hospital rather than last of the dinosaurs
U-turn - Over access from the A47
U-turn - the fastest in politics


Vibrant and vital city centre
Views of petitioners belittled
Visiting the hospital - an expensive exercise
Visitors book


Waiting list, 13,870 on it
Wake up before it's too late
Wake up folks
Wallace, Elizabeth - perfidious British politics
Web Site http://www.takeheart.co.uk/kohin/
We'll pay dearly
We told you so!
Where have all the flowers gone?
White, Richard
Whitehall, trip to
Who briefed you Mr Blair?
Who's who
Why should we?
Wilde Sapte
Williams, Amanda
Williams, Amanda - replies to Mrs Temple
Wimps - New Norwich MPs behave like
Winter bed crisis
Worcester hospital PFI
Work begins
Wright, Mr John of KS Group Security
Wrong Mr Stamp


Yare Valley - Buses across
Yarmouth public library


Zucchi, Louise
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"It is the people's national health service and we should never forget that."

(Alan Milburn MP, Minister of State for Health, Hansard 15th May 1997)

"City centres are the places for hospitals."

(John Gummer, recently Minister for the Environment, Bristol 22nd March 1996)