The Business of Heart Attack Prevention - Take Your Health Check Now and be Provided With Loans of Sound Advice

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Heart Attack Prevention - Take Your Health Check Now
Who should take the test?
  • Every one - but Takeheart does not provide reports for people under the age of 18.
  • Taking care of those who already have coronary heart disease is effective in preventing further trouble.
  • The evaluation of people who have risk factors is effective in reducing the risk.
  • The assessment of apparently well people enables risks to be identified and reassurance provided for those with little risk.

What do I need to know before taking the test?

TAKEHEART is a great . Reporting and looking after the web-site threatens to take over our lives.

In order to curb demand a bit, to defray expenses and to keep our heads above water without the help of business loans, it is necessary to ask for a small nominal charge of £5 (about 8 dollars or euros or equivalent) for a report. It is a reluctant decision.

You will get a subsatntial report of about 6-7 A4 pages by e-mail. This contains your results, what they mean, what to do, "what if", "while I'm here doc", a prediction of the probability of a heart attack and plenty of sound advice. Prepared by the TAKEHEART expert system under our personal care.

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