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An ounce of prevention is worth a peck of cure

At Takeheart we aim to improve the health of our clients and reduce the work load of cardiologists and heart surgeons. We do this by offering a Health Check which majors on the risk factors for coronary heart disease and issues a written report. Our Health Check can be taken at a consultation or on-line. We are a mine of knowledge - it is worth exploring.

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Understand your risk for developing Coronary Heart Disease - Heart attack. Takeheart does this for you by measuring a number of clinical variables and feeding the results into an expert system on a PC. We give you a printed report to take home (515). The report covers 7-8 A4 pages and contains the results of the tests, their meaning, calculation of the risk according to the method described by Professor G.Shaper of the Royal Free Hospital in London and advice. (See an example of a report). The tests include history, cholesterol, blood pressure, lung function, liver function, carbon monoxide, weight and stress assessment. You can come to see us in Norwich. We can come to you in the UK. You can take the Check over the internet, reports are constructed and checked by an experienced senior physician so may take a day or two to arrive.


  • Is accurate. You can depend on our results.
  • Reproducible. Follow your success.
  • Operated by an experienced senior physician. Professional medical ethics apply.
  • Reports in real time. No second trip needed.
  • Reports in writing. Share it with your spouse and doctor.
  • Subscribes to the Wolfson Laboratory EQAS scheme. Quality assured cholesterol measurement.
  • Is registered with the Information Commissioner. Your confidentiality is assured.
  • Results are published on the web. Look them up for yourself.
  • Reports in language other than English. French at present - others if the demand is there.
The Takeheart Web Site:- Overweight? Over stressed? Over worked? Over smoked? Over alcoholed? Poor family history? Worried? Your impending heart attack will wreck your life as well as that of those close to you.

Takeheart measures your risk of heart attack, but it doesn't stop there. You are offered reassurance, encouraged to take preventive action or asked to consult your own physician, as appropriate to get you off the downhill slope. A "What if?" section in your report quantifies the reduction in your risk possible if you follow the recommended course of action. There is a book list and a "While I'm Here" section.

So, get clicking and explore, but first read our disclaimer.

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