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Your personal details are quite safe with Takeheart . We are medically qualified and abide by the professional code of ethics. We are registered with the Data Protection Registrar (Eight Principles). Nothing will be disclosed to a third party. We keep no personal data on the Internet. We do not use cookies.

Sending your details via e-mail, or indeed through the regular mail, is theoretically insecure. The information is susceptible to the activities of hackers and interceptors of mail.

However your details are not of any real interest nor use to anyone but yourself and are vulnerable for a short time only. It is extremely unlikely that they will be compromised.

If you feel uneasy about both e-mail and regular mail then the only way to experience Takeheart is either to come and see us or invite us to come to see you. Face to face lines of communication are short and secure.

Only one copy of your report exists and this is sent to you.

We are not sponsored by anybody and are not biased. We are accurate.

Spam. We do not send spam. We do not set cookies. We do send an occasional newsletter to our correspondents, once or perhaps twice a year. We adhere to the regulations of the Electronic Communications Directive. We obtain our e-mail addresses from our correspondents themselves, it is we ourselves who send the newsletter, there is an opt out facility, our identity is clear.

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