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Lets have a hospital for the people of Norwich - 1744. Cross-groves magazine
To the Inhabitants of Norfolk

Some Months ago I addressed You in this Paper, upon the Subject of a COUNTY HOSPITAL; and briefly mentioned some general Reasons, and also a few peculiar Incouragements, which I hoped might have ingaged your Attention: But though I have not hitherto heard of its successful Effect, I am persuaded this pubilck and important Charity, when duly considered, will particularly recommend itself to your vigorous and generous Patronage.

Let me therefore propose to your Consideration, amongst other Motives to this charitable Undertaking, the following: - - - - - THAT there are many Persons and Families yearly residing in our County, who extremely want such an Assistance: - - - - - THAT Norfolk is abundantly able to provide for the support of this Charity by voluntary Contributions, and which would therefore be burdonsome to NONE, but highly beneficial to MANY: - - - - -That we have several Noble Families, and gentlemen of large Estates and Influence, who would, as we may justly hope, be filled with a charming Emulation to deserve the Regards of Their County by a distinguishing Benevolence on this Occasion; - - - - - whose Skill to direct, - - - whose Bounty to feed, - - - whose Example to dignifie and recommend this much-wanted Charity, all incourage us to hope for the happiest Success: - - - - - THAT the Contributions of our numerous and wealthy Farmers, together with the acceptable Mites of well-affected, though less affluent Persons, would in the Total amount yearly to a very considerable and extensive Provision: - - - - - THAT our honest Zeal in this good Work will be attended with the truest Pleasure and most important Advantages to Ourselves and our Families: - - - - - THAT we owe Tenderness and Help - - - to Humanity - - - to our Country - - - to our Holy Religion; and finally, THAT it is the best Service we can do our indigent diseased Fellow-Creatures, and the most gratefeul Acknowledgement we can make to GOD for his many Bounties and rich Liberalities to Ourselves.

But lest this general Representation should be overlooked, give me Leave, Gentlemen, but with all Humility, to propose these following Subjects of Inquiry, viz.

  1. Whether we can contrive any better Plan, than that which the County of DEVON has worthily exhibited and executed? - - - If Genltemen have any Objections against the Design in general, or this Plan in particu;ar, of if They have any Amendments to offer, I would earnestly request them to publish their Sentiments in this or other publick Papers.
  2. Whether the City of NORWICH is not most commodiously situated, to answer all the Purposes of a COUNTY HOSPITAL? - - - It is near the Centre of the County, injoys a clear wholesome Air especially in Chapel Field, where the Diseased would reap the Benefit of an elegant Retirement, without being too remote from the City Physicians and Surgeons, whenever their Assistence become expedient.
  3. Whether it is not reasonable, and for the Incouragement of this Charity, that every Person annually Subscribing One Guinea, shall annually recommend One Patient; or if Two, Three or Four Guineas, Two, Three or Four Patients: But all who subscribe Five Guineas or more, to recommend what Number They please; and to be standing Members of the Committee, hereafter to judge and determine of all Matters relating to the Management of the future HOSPITAL?
And now, Gentlemen, I beseech you in the Name of GOD, whose Mercies we so bountifully receive, to consider seriously this Proposal; and think how many of your afflicted Neighbours and Countrymen are deeply interested in the Resolution you shall take; and not only those of the present Age, but numbers through many future Ages, whose Circumstances may want Relief, which can only be obtained by a Provision of this Kind. How warm the Thought! How joyous the Prospect! Multitudes healed, or kindly relieved under their various Maladies; and blessing for Ages to come the generous Founders of their well regulated HOUSE of MERCY! O my Countrymen, pursue the noble Thought; Cherish this Human, Christian, nay Godlike Joy; and open your Hearts to the honest Transports which will allways accompany such disinterested and extensive Benevolence!

Let me intreat all Ranks of People to think, and talk of what is now proposed, - - - to talk of it in your Families, - - - in your Neighbourhoods, - - - -at Markets, - - - and when you meet together to worship Almighty GOD, remembering that your Homage to the FATHER of Us All is most pleasing, when accompanied with sincere Charity and generous Relief to His indigent afflicted Children; who are permitted to be in Want, that the Rich may always have Occasions of expressing their Gratitude to GOD, and of tasting the deep Pleasure of doing Good. I would also heartily intreat our Magistrates, both at Home and at their Quarterly or other Publick Sessions, to think this Subject worthy of their deliberate Consideration and effectual Furtherance; and if I might presume, for methinks the Subject inspires Me with Boldness, I would most earnestly beseech our Gentlemen of largest Influence and our Honourable NOBILITY to put this publick Charity into Motion, to direct and countenance their County in this worthy Attempt, and to stand up with distinguishing Honour at the Head of NORFOLK, thus beginning I hope to unite their Hearts for GOD and CHARITY: And then, I doubt not, the Day of Subscription will soon dawn upon us, and blaze forth with bright and reviving Beams. Oh my Countrymen, imagine to yourselves the Joy of that Time, when each Parish shall be fired with sacred Ambition, who shall most readily and plentifully send in their Alms to the Poor, and bring in their grateful Offerings to the Great GOD of Heaven and Earth.

Your unknown Wellwisher
An Inhabitant of NORFOLK

May 1, 1744

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