preventing coronary heart disease - Try our quiz.

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Preventing Coronary Heart Disease - Try our Quiz
If you would like to try the TAKEHEART quiz try your hand at the following questions. Choose which you think is the right answer.
  1. According to the Chief Medical Officer how many people died in Great Britain of carbon monoxide poisoning in 1996/7? [21], [3], [102]
  2. What is usually taken, in mmols/l, as the normal for cholesterol level in the blood? [up to 6.3], [up to 3.0], [up to 5.2]
  3. The Coronary Prevention Group recommends that the blood pressure of all adults should be measured how often [every 5 years], [every year], [every 10 years]
  4. What does the peak flow rate measure? [flow of air through the lungs], [flow of blood through the arteries], [blood pressure]
  5. What percentage of the population in the United Kingdom are heavy drinkers? [2], [15], [8]
  6. About what proportion of TAKEHEART clients are found to be suffering from anxiety or depression (high Goldberg scores)? [10], [25], [40]
  7. How many people died of coronary heart disease in Britain in 1992? [170,000], [270,000], [370,000]
  8. Student nurses at the Royal Free Hospital. How many were smokers in 1990? [23%], [33%], [43%]
  9. Would you like a sensible slimming plan? [yes], [no], [maybe]
  10. What was the cost per attendance of running a general practice diabetic clinic in 1992? [£25.07], [£38.46], [£54.02]

How did you do?

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