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Heart Attack Prevention - Stress
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Stress is important in our lives. It is a great motivator and good for us. It is distress that is bad.

Takeheart asks a series of questions devised by Dr D.Goldberg of Edinburgh University to elucidate the level of Anxiety and Depression. These are the two conditions which make their appearance when increasing stress oversteps the boundary to distress.

Takeheart finds that about 40% of our clients are suffering from one or both of these conditions sufficiently to interfer with their function at work or at home.

There is evidence that stress does not cause cancer. (476)

Suffering from stress? Try this website No Panic, 93 Brands Farm Way, Telford, TF3 2JQ, 0808-808-0545 or 01952-590005, ceo@no-panic.co.uk. Or here

Remember "Less stress, more success."

Take a look at www.fearfighter.com. (546)

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