Heart Disease Prevention - The Takeheart Health Check with Stress Management Assessment

Takeheart Health Check       [Heart Attack Prevention Summary]

TAKEHEART - the heart attack prevention service

TAKEHEART Is a health check focused on heart disease.
TAKEHEART Provides an estimate of the likelihood of you developing coronary heart disease together with advice on how best to reduce this risk given your particular circumstances using stress management techniques.
TAKEHEART Performs the following tests which are needed to do this:-
TAKEHEART Gives you on-the-spot results which are analysed with a lap top computer to give an immediate, comprehensive, written report (515). This report contains and explains the facts ascertained during the consultation, estimates your probability of a heart attack and offers you sound advice based upon the findings of stress management and other assessment tests. It is seven or eight pages long.
TAKEHEART Offers you reassurance when justified, sensible advice when needed and referral when necessary.
TAKEHEART Belongs to an external laboratory quality assurance scheme and is registered with the Data Protection Registrar . Has been awarded the John Perry Prize by the British Computer Society for an outstanding contribution to Primary Health Care.
TAKEHEART Is mobile. It is possible to arrange sessions at:-
TAKEHEART Costs £85, but only £5 over the Internet
TAKEHEART Your appointment and enquiries can be made by contacting:
Dr G.M.Clayton
11 Bluebell Road, Norwich NR4 7LF
Telephone: Norwich (01603) 454314.

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