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Alcohol is a Dangerous Drug

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Gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase (GGT) is an enzyme found in the blood. It is found in excess when the liver is being stressed by alcohol. There are other conditions and some drugs which will cause an abnormal reading, but these are not common in apparently well people.
Takeheart measures the gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase and by that means introduces the subject of alcohol. It appears to be effective in identifying those with a problem though there are a few false positives and negatives which can be explored by question and answer.
There is evidence that moderate amounts of alcohol are good for the heart. (68, 199, 317, 357, 407, 414, 457, 474)
There is also evidence that immoderate drinking is bad for the heart.(29)

The French Paradox

The low rate of coronary heart disease in France compared with other developed countries with comparable dietary intake including saturated fats, especially the United Kingdom, has been called the "French Paradox" (414). It seems to be explained by their high wine intake. Despite the fact that the total annual ethanol intake decreased between 1965 and 1988, the coronary heart disease mortality did not increase, but fell. There was also a fall in deaths from cirrhosis of the liver. The French on average drink far more alcohol than is necessary for maximal cardioprotection. Some people believe that the French paradox does not exist. (472)
It may be explained by the discovery that the potent polyphenols in red grape skins inhibit the production of endothelin-1. This polypeptide causes vaso-constriction which is believed to be a key component in the development of coronary arterial disease. White and rose wines do not produce the same effect.(499)

According to the Sunday Times (23/7/2000 page 23)

The CAGE test questions. Two or more "yes" answers indicate alcohol related problems.

Quotes from the Sunday Times of 5th October 2008.
In the UK 12,000,000 people with a 'hazardous' alcohol problem; 800,000+ hospitalised annually owing to alcohol consumption; £2.7 billion annual cost to NHS of alcohol related hospital visits; 600,000 underage drinkers; 20,000+ alcohol related deaths a year; £4,500 the cost of a 10 day private rehab programme; 5 rehab places a year on the NHS for every 100 alcoholics; alcohol related hospital admissions rise by 80,000 every year; UK is 7th amongst 45 countries in the amount consumed per capita.

Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England

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Need help? Contact Drinkline, a free, confidential helpline on 0800-917-8282.

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