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Heart Attack Prevention - References 1-50

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1* Controlled trial of three different antismoking interventions in general practice.
Jamroziik,Vessey, Fowler, Wald, Parker, Van Vunakis.
BMJ 19May 1984, 288, 1499-1503

2* Low cost monoxide monitors in smoking assessment.
Jarvis, Belcher, Vesey, Hutchinson.
Thorax 1986; 41: 886-887

3* Evaluation of a portable measure of expired air carbon monoxide.
Preventative Medicine 17, 109-115 (1988).

4 The Hamilton Scale
Hamilton.M Br. J. Medical Psychology 1959 32; 50-55.

5 Peak Flow Rates
Gregg.I, Nunn.A.T
BMJ 1973: 3: 282

6* A scoring system to identify men at high risk of heart attack.
Shaper.A.G, Pocock.S.J, Phillips.A.N, Walker.M
Health Trends, 1987, vol. 19, 37 - 39

7* Identifying men at high risk of heart attacks: strategy for use in general practice.
Shaper AG, Phillips AN, Walker M.
BMJ 1986; 293: 474 - 479

8 The Fat Factor.
John O'Mukkane & Carol Muir
Thorson Publishing Group, Wellingborough, 1988
Popularising work aimed at an informed lay audience.

9 Coronary Heart Disease: The Need for Action.
Office of Health Economics, London 1987

10* Promoting Prevention in Primary Care: Controlled Trial of Low technology, Lowcost approach
Elaine Fullard et Alia.
BMJ 1987 294 1080 - 3

11 Prevention of cardiovascular disease in general practice: A proposed model.
Angaard EE, Land JM, Lenihan CJ et alia
BMJ 1986 393 177 - 80

12 Strategies for the prevention of coronary heart disease:
Study group, European Atherosclerosis Society.
European Heart Journal 1987; 8; 77 - 88

13 Strategies for reducing coronary heart disease and desirable limits for blood lipid concentrations; guidelines of the British Hyperlipidaemia Association.
BMJ 1987; 295; 1245 - 6

14 The lipids research clinics coronary primary prevention trial results.
Lipids research clinics program.
JAMA 1984; 251; 351 - 64

15 The value of warning signals of cancer in general practice.
Holtedahl, K.A.
Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care 1987; 5(3); 140 - 143 (September)

16 A warning sign questionaire for early diagnosis of cancer.
Robra, B.P., Molders-Kober, R. and Haehn, K.D.
Allgemeinmedizin 1988; 17(1); 8-16 (January)

17* Identification and treatment of risk factors for coronary heart disease in general practice
Jones,A., Davies, D.H., Dove J.R.
BMJ 1988; 296(6638); 1711-1714 (18 June)

18 Screening for diabetes mellitus in general practice using a reflectance meter system.
Forrest, R.D., Jackson, C.A., and Yudkin, J.S.
Diabetes Research 1987; 6; 119-122 (November)

19 Hypertension; community control of high blood pressure
2nd edition Edinburgh; Churchill Livingstone 1987 269p

20 Improving the periodic health examination.
Madlon-Kay D.J.
Journal of Family Practice 1987; 25(5); 470 - 473 (November)

21* Invitation to attend a health check in a general practice setting.
Pill, R. and Stott, N.
JRCGP 1988; 38(307); 57-60 (February)

22* Ditto
Pill, R., French, J., Harding, K. et al
Ditto 53-56

23* Blood lipid concentrations and other cardiovascular risk factors: distribution, prevalence and detection in Britain.
Mann JI, Lewis B, Shepherd J, Winder AF, Fenster S
BMJ 1988 296: 1762-6

24 The Psychological impact of mass screening for cardiovascular risk factors.
Tymstra T Bielman B
Fam Pract 1987 4: 287-290

25* Cholesterol: Hypercholesterolaemia and the role of cholesterol in atherosclerosis.
Roger Nation
Current Drug Information 1988 2: 145-151

26* The pathogenesis of atherosclerosis: new concepts in the area of lipids and lipoproteins.
Janus ED
Patient Management Nov 1988 29-31

27* Abnormal lipids - who should be treated?
Scott PJ
Patient Management Nov 1988 53-47

28 Public attitudes to and experience of medical check-ups
Anderson RM
Community Medicine 1983 5: 11-20

29 British regional heart study: cardiovascular risk factors in middle aged men in 24 towns.
Shaper, Pocock, Walker et alia
BMJ 1981 283: 179-186

30 Mortality decline and widening social inequalities
Marmot MG McDowall ME
Lancet 1986 ii: 274-6

31 Validation of screening procedures
Cochrane AL Holland WS
Br. Med Bulletin 1971 27: 1-8

32 Screening in general practice
Morell D
Health Trends 1978 10: 40-42

33 Reducing the risks of coronary heart disease in individuals and in the population.
Lewis B Mann JI Mancini M
Lancet 1986 i: 956-60

34 Stopping smoking cuts coronary mortality
Ball K
Health Trends 1987 19: 11-13

35 Royal College of General Practitioners Prevention of arterial disease in general practice
Report from general practice no 19 1981

36 Lowering cholesterol harmful? (not exact title)
BMJ Aprilish 1989
Anthony Lever

37 Lowering cholesterol is good for you (not exact title)
American researchers
New England Journal of Medicine Aprilish 1989

38* Quality of plasma cholesterol measurements in Primary Care
Broughton MG, Bullock DG, Cramb R.
BMJ 1989 298 297-298

39* Blood cholesterol and 'Well man' clinics
Tickner TR
Circular letter to GPs dated 9/1/89

40* Desirable weights for adults.
Weights of insured persons in the US associated with lowest mortality.
Statis Bull Metrop Life Insur Co 40, Nov-Dec 1959

41* How-often-that-high graphs of serum cholesterol
Tunstall-Pedoe H, Smith WCS, Tavendale R.
Lancet 1989 11/3/89 540-542
British serum cholesterol distributions graphically presented and discussion of implications

42* A Clean Bill of Health?
Which? September 1989
A Which? account of health check clinics. Really appropriate only to 'full' check-ups

43 Strategies for reducing heart disease & limits for lipid concentrations
Shepherd J, Bettridge BJ, Durrington P et alia
BMJ 1987;295: 1245-6

44* Population Screening for Serum Cholesterol.
Letters from Gilbert, Bailey, Durrington, Neil
Lancet 11/3/89 347-8
On the whole they seem to approve. Some useful figures.

45* Know Your Cholesterol: Population Screening
Laemmle P, et alia
J Lab Clin Med, Nov 1988 567-574
American study from Cincinnati. Emphasises utility of population screening and the enormity of task of sampling and of intervention.

46* A Clinician's Guide to Office Measurement of Cholesterol
Burke JJ, Fischer PM
JAMA 17/6/88 259: 3444-3448
Comparison of three instruments. Reflotron comes out OK. Ames not included.

47* Consensus Statement
King's Fund Consensus Conference
Lancet 8/7/89 115-6
Summary of findings. Mass screening disapproved. Opportunistic screening approved.

48* Coronary heart disease Health Care Promotion in a Community Pharmacy
Maguire TA, McElnay JC
Pharm J 5/8/89 R5-8
Description of study in Belfast. BMI, BP & chol 296 clients. Fee about 5. Counselling 3 mins

49* Reflotron Cholesterol Measurement Evaluated (review)
Sedor FA, Holleman CM, Heyden S, Schneider KA
Clin Chem 1988 34/12 2542-5
Reflotron comes out well.

50* Near Patient Testing in General Practice: A Review
Sean Hilton (St Georges)
JRCGP Jan 1990 Vol. 40 32-36

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