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      Alcohol and Accidents. RC Derney, Sigma Press 1986 £9.95

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163 Leading Article
Screening tests for alcoholism?
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170* Berry PA.
Letter dated 6/8/91 Boots Pharmaceuticals
Effect of Prothiaden on GGT.

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in the Renfrew and Paisley survey.
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190 Anonymous
Milk, butter and heart disease.
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192 Haines A, Ramsey, Townsend J. Authors not checked
Title? Lipid diets not all they are cracked up to be
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193 Family Heart Association
Gallup Survey

194* Horrabin D.
Gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase levels
Personal communication 17/4/91

195 MRC
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198* Who is for cholesterol testing?
Malcolm Aylett
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200 Authors unknown
JAMA 1919; 265: 3285-91

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