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101* This week in the British Medical Journal
BMJ 1989; 298: ?

102* Betteridge DJ.
High density lipids and Coronary Heart Disease.
BMJ 1989; 298: 974-975

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Concentrations of high density lipid cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol in ischaemic heart disease.
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Look after your heart: The heartbeat award scheme.
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Coronary Heart Disease: Prevention & Risk Factors
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Preventive Medicine and Screening.
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107 Waine C.
Quoted in Pulse 25/2/89 page 96

108* The Royal Society of Medicine Roundtable Report: COMA Where are we now?
January 1989 Summary provided bySt Ivel

109 Olsen RE.
Mass intervention v screening and selective intervention for the prevention of coronary heart disease.
JAMA 1986; 255: 97-104

110 Tunstall-Pedoe H.
Who is for Cholesterol Testing?
BMJ 1989; 298: 1593-1594

111 Peto R, Yusuf S.
Summary of results from dietary and drug intervention trials.
Proceedings of National Institute of Health Concensus Development
Conference 1984 page 24 (Bethesda)

112* Brian Mackness
Mobile Health Screening Service
Described in Doctor 24/5/90 page 8

113 Fiore MC, Novotny TE, Pierce JP.
Methods used to quit smoking in the United States.
JAMA 1990; 263: 2760-2765

114 Oliver M
Quoted in GP 6/7/90 page 29

115 Pyorala K.
The role of cholesterol in atherosclerosis: New therapeutic opportunities.
Hanley & Belfus 1988 p 143-158

116 Grundy SM, et alia
Title uncertain
JAMA 1986; 256: 2849-2858

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Can lifestyle changes reverse coronary heart disease?
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Carbon Monoxide poisoning in the home: recognition and treatment.
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120 Weights of insured persons in the United States associated with lowest mortality.
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Misleading Exercise Electrocardiograms.
BMJ 1987; 295: Leader (page not numbered)

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The North South Divide
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130 Pooling Project Research Group
Relationship between blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, weight and electrocardiogram to incidence of major coronary events.
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131 Kannell WB, Newton JD, Wentworth D et al
Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial
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132 Torrington D, Cooper C
How to create a new life after 50
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133 Morbidity and mortality weekly report 21/9/90

134 Reckless J.
General Practitioner Journal 1990; 1: 2

135 Richard Peto
Quoted in the Sunday Times 30/12/90 page 1.7

136 Alcohol - Reducing the Harm.
Office of Health Economics 1981

137 Edwards FC, McCallum RI, Taylor PJ.
Fitness for work. The medical aspects.

138 Shaper AG, Cook DG, Walker M, McFarlane PW.
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Social class and coronary heart disease.
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Coronary heart disease is not preventable by population intervention.
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143* McCormick J.
Follies and fallacies in medicine
Physician 1989; February 104-108

144* British Heart Foundation
Management of Hyperlipidaemia
Factfile 2/91

145* Cardiovascular Risk Calculator
This is the plastic disc used for calculating Shaper scores. This one supplied by Servier Laboratories Ltd.

146* Lewis B, Assman G, Mancini M, Stein Y (eds)
Handbook of Coronary Heart Disease Prevention
Current Medical Literature Ltd. London 1989

147 Egan B
Overweight and coronary heart disease (not title)
Amer Journ of Cardiology about Feb 91 quoted in Pulse

148* Harrison I
Providing Diagnostic Services
The Pharmaceutical Journal 1990; Nov 3rd: 597

149* Maguire TA, McElnay JC
Assessment of two new cholesterol measurement systems.
The Pharmaceutical Journal 1990; 3rd Nov: 598

150 Carmichael A, Cockcroft A.
Survey of Student Nurses Smoking Habits in a London Teaching Hospital.
Resp Med 1990; 84: 277-282

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